Creating Arrows  

This task will show you how to create an arrow. For the purpose of this exercise, you will use an arrow to illustrate the kind of hole you want to apply to a circle.
Open the Brackets_views06.CATDrawing document.
  1. Select Insert > Dress Up > Arrow from the menu bar.

  2. Click a point or select an object to define the arrow starting point (the tail). For example, select a circle.

  3. Click another point or select another object to define the arrow extremity (the head). The arrow is created.


    • The arrow and the selected object are associative.
    • To modify the general appearance of the arrow, either click the arrow and then use the Graphic Properties toolbar, or right-click the arrow and then use the Properties dialog box (select Properties and click the Graphic tab).
    • To modify the position of the arrow, click the arrow and use the manipulators to drag it to its new location.
  4. You will now add a breakpoint to the arrow. Select the arrow and right-click on a yellow manipulator. A contextual menu appears.

  5. Select Add a Breakpoint. A breakpoint is added to the arrow; you can drag it to change the arrow path.

  6. You will now choose a symbol for the arrow tail. To do this, right-click on the yellow tail manipulator.

  7. In the contextual menu, point to Symbol Shape and select a symbol, Filled Circle for example.

    The symbol you choose now appears on the arrow tail. You can also change the symbol used for the arrow head by repeating steps 6 and 7.

  8. You will now create an interruption on the arrow tail. Right-click on the yellow tail manipulator again.

  9. In the contextual menu, select Add an Interruption. An interruption is added to the arrow.

  • You cannot add another extremity to an arrow.
  • Arrow angle and length are defined by standards. For more information, refer to Dimension Parameters in Administration Tasks > Setting Standard Parameters and Styles > Setting Standard Parameters.