Creating Threads (Reference)

This task shows you how to create a thread with a reference, either circular (circle or point) or linear (line). In this particular case, you will apply a thread to a hole with a line as reference.
Open the Brackets_views06.CATDrawing document.
  1. Click the Thread with Reference icon from the Dress-up toolbar (Axis and Threads sub-toolbar).

You can also multi-select holes before clicking the Thread icon.
Activating this command displays two options in the Tools Palette which is automatically displayed:
  • The Reference Tap type option , which is activated by default.
  • The Reference Thread type option .
  1. Select the Reference Thread type option .

  2. Select the hole (or circle) to which you want to apply the thread.

  3. Select a reference line.

The thread is created according to this reference.


  1. Select a manipulator and drag it along a direction. Thread axis lines are modified symmetrically.

If you want to move only one axis line, hold on the Ctrl key while you are dragging the manipulator.
When creating a thread on a generative view, a message will be displayed if the center line cannot be associative to the 3D. In this case, the thread is neither linked to the 3D nor to 2D drawing elements. For example, a non-associative thread with a reference line will not be updated when the reference line is moved.