Creating Fillet Radius Dimensions

This task will show you how to create a fillet radius dimension in a projected view.
Open the Fillet_Radius.CATDrawing document.
  1. Click Section View to create a section view of the right view so as to display the fillet angle.

  2. In the newly created section view, click Radius and select the fillet to dimension.

  3. Right-click the fillet and select Fillet Radius to create a dimension on the fillet radius.

  4. Click in the free space to create the fillet radius dimension.

    The dimension is created and its color changes, indicating it is a true dimension.

  • Variable fillet radius can be dimensioned but in that case, their value corresponds to a minimal value.
  • Fillet radius dimensions are not supported in Visualization mode.
  • Dimension generation does not support fillet radius dimensions.