Creating a Datum Target

This task will show you how to create a datum target on a right projection view. You can set text properties either before or after you create the datum target.
Open the Brackets_views03.CATDrawing document.
  1. Click the Datum Target icon from the Annotations toolbar (Text sub-toolbar).

  1. Select the attachment point of the datum target leader.

  2. Select a point to be used to position the datum target (anchor point).

The Datum Target Creation dialog box is  displayed.
  1. Enter the required values in the fields. For example, 1 and A.


  Click the button if you want to specify that the datum target provides information on the diameter of the selected element.
  1. Click OK.

 The datum target is created.


The character string that is edited in the Datum Target Creation dialog box is simultaneously previewed on the drawing.