2D Components

Before you begin with 2D components: You should be familiar with important concepts.

Create a 2D component: Create a detail sheet, and create 2D components on this sheet.
Instantiate a 2D component: Create an instance of a 2D component previously created on a detail sheet.
  Multiple Instantiation From a List of Points: Create numerous 2D component instances using a list of points as 2D component origin points.
  Edit a 2D component: Add a leader to a 2D component instance, modify text in 2D component instances and replace the reference of a 2D component instance.
     Explode a 2D component: Individually explode a 2D component instance so that you can then modify it as desired.
  Instantiate a 2D component from a catalog: Instantiate a 2D component previously referenced in a catalog.
  Expose a 2D component from a catalog: Expose a 2D component to cut any existing link between this 2D component and its reference in a catalog.