Exploding a 2D Component

This task shows you how to individually explode a 2D component that was instantiated from a detail sheet.
Exploding a 2D component instance means removing the link between it and its reference (the associativity with the detail sheet is cut): you can then modify the exploded 2D component instance as desired, as it behaves as independent geometry.

When instantiating a 2D component, you can define its type as an exploded one. For this, use the Explode icon from the Tools Palette toolbar, as explained in the Instantiating a 2D Component reference user task.

Instantiate a 2D component as described in Instantiating a 2D Component.

Right-click the 2D component instance, and select 2D Component.X (Instance) object > Explode 2D Component from the contextual menu.

The component is now exploded. You can therefore modify the geometry and/or graphical properties of its elements.

After an Explode operation, all dress-up elements added to the instance are deleted, texts lose their associativity with the detail sheet and dimensions change color (according to the color defined for Not-up-to-date dimensions in the Types and colors of dimensions dialog box available through Tools > Options > Mechanical Design > Drafting > Dimension tab, Analysis Display Mode area, Types and colors... button. By default, this color is fuchsia. For more information, refer to Dimension > Analysis Display Mode in the Customizing Settings chapter).