Performing an Advanced Search

This task will show you how to use the advanced search command in the Drafting workbench.

First, refer to the Infrastructure User's Guide to learn more about advanced search.

1. Select the Edit>Search... command then click the Advanced tab:

2. Choose Drafting as the workbench.
Any element type has the following attributes:
  • Name: indicates the name of the searched element
  • Color: select a color from the color chooser or use the color of an existing element
  • Set: a selection set indicating a numeric value with the corresponding unit of measure.

Some elements have additional  types:

Type Additional attributes Value to select or to key in
Balloon Part name name of the searched element
Datum Feature Reference name name of the searched element
Datum Target Reference name name of the searched element
Size size indicated in the searched element
Dimension Type type of dimension (angle, diameter, radius, length, etc.) searched
  value dimension value searched
  Not associative on 3D Yes/No
  Not updateable Yes/No
  Fake Yes/No
  Driving dimension Yes/No
  True Yes/No
Geometrical tolerance value tolerance value searched
type tolerance type (circularity, concentricity, flatness, parallelism, etc.) searched
Text having attribute links Yes/No
text string text string searched
3. Select an operating sign in the first combo box.
4. Select (if there is a combo box) or key in the value you are looking for.