Modifying the Dimension Type

This task will show you how to modify the dimension type as you create a dimension. In other words, you modify the dimension attributes. In this particular example, we will apply a Radius Center dimension type to a hole.
Open the Brackets_views02.CATDrawing document.
  1. Click Dimensions in the Dimensioning toolbar.

  2. Select a hole, for example. Make sure you do not click in the drawing or on the dimension, as this would validate the creation.

  3. Right-click the dimension.

  4. Select the required dimension type from the displayed contextual menu. For example, Radius Center.

    The diameter dimension is automatically turned into a radius dimension.

  5. Click in the drawing to validate the dimension creation. If needed, you can modify the dimension location.

When you display the contextual menu during the dimension creation, you can define the value orientation with the Screen, View or Dimension line as reference, or still Horizontal, Vertical or according to a Fixed angle. These options are available in the Value Orientation dialog box.