Editing Dimension Font Properties

This task explains how to access and edit dimension font properties.
Open the Brackets_views03.CATDrawing document. Create a dimension (of whatever type).
  1. Select the dimension.

  2. Select Edit > Properties.

You can also right-click the dimension and then select Properties from the displayed contextual menu.

  1. In the Properties dialog box that appears, click the Font tab. The associated dialog box is displayed.

  • Font: choose the font.
  • Style: choose the font style.
  • Size: choose the font size.
  • Underline: underline the dimension text. 
  • Color: choose the font color.
  • Strikethrough: draw a line through the dimension text.
  • Overline: draw a line above the dimension text.
You can either underline or overline a text, but you cannot do both.
  • Ratio: modify the character width.
  • Spacing: change the spacing between characters.
  • Kerning: reduce space between letters. This option is available with open type fonts, and for text only. OTF are customer's fonts, they are not provided with CATIA.
  1. Modify the available properties as required.

  2. Click OK to validate and exit the dialog box.

  • For more information on font properties, refer to the Infrastructure User's Guide.
  • From R18, the True Type fonts available in Windows are also supported in UNIX. Furthermore, their rendering is improved. To make sure that drawing representations created with previous versions are not modified, this improvement is available only for annotations created with R18 and upwards.