Copying Geometrical Tolerances

This task will show you how to copy an existing geometrical tolerance and then edit the content for creating a new one.
Open the Brackets_views03.CATDrawing document. Create a geometrical tolerance.
  1. Click on the geometrical tolerance you want to copy.

  2. Right-click and select Copy.

  3. Select the element to which you want the geometrical tolerance to be associated.

  4. Right-click and select Paste

  5. Move the copied geometrical tolerance to position it as desired.

  6. Double-click the copied geometrical tolerance.

    The Geometrical Tolerance dialog box is displayed, with the existing values pre-entered.

  7. Make sure the Filter Tolerance box is selected. This will display only those tolerance symbols generally considered appropriate for the type of geometrical element selected.

    Unselecting this box displays all symbols, regardless of the selected type of element.

  8. Modify the values as desired, as explained in Creating a Geometrical Tolerance.

  9. After you are done entering values in a given field, press the Tab key to move to the next field.

    The geometrical tolerance is updated as you define values for each field.

  10. Click OK to confirm your operation and close the dialog box.

  11. Click anywhere in the drawing to validate.