Creating Centered Parallelograms

This task shows you how to create a centered parallelogram.

Creating a centered

Creating a constrained centered parallelogram

Creating a Centered Parallelogram

  1. Ensure that the Geometrical Constraints and the Dimensional Constraints options are deactivated then click Centered Parallelogram .

  1. Select a first line (or an axis).

  1. Select a second line (or an axis).

  1. Move the cursor to specify the rectangle dimensions.
    The parallelogram is created. It is centered on the intersection point of the two lines. Its edges are parallel to the selected lines.


Creating a Constrained Centered Parallelogram

To set constraints while creating a centered parallelogram, first activate Geometrical Constraints and Dimensional Constraints (activated by default), then follow the same steps as explained above.

Two parallelism constraints are created as long as two symmetrical constraints which are based on the two lines selected before the parallelogram creation.