Creating Points Using Coordinates

This task shows you how to create a point by indicating coordinates. In this task, we will use an existing point as reference for creating another point.
  1. Click Point .

  1. Click to indicate the end point: H=20mm, V=20mm

  1. Click Point by Using Coordinates .
    The Point Definition dialog box appears. You can use either Cartesian (h and v) or Polar coordinates.

  1. Select the previously created point.

  1. Select the Polar tab in the Point Definition dialog box and type in the fields: Radius=30mm, Angle=30deg.
    The point is created with a 30mm radius and 30deg angle relatively to the reference point. A construction line represents the angle direction.


The symbol used for points in the geometry area can be customized. For this, right click and select Properties (Graphic tab).