Creating Ellipses

This task shows how to create an ellipse (made of two infinite axes). In this task, we will use both the Sketch tools toolbar and clicking. In other words, you will move the cursor to activate SmartPick and click as soon as you get what you wish.
  1. Click Ellipse from the Profiles toolbar.
    The Sketch tools toolbar displays values for defining the ellipse center point, major and then minor semi-axis endpoint.

  2. Position the cursor in the desired fields and key in the desired values.

  For example, enter H: 9mm and V: 8mm.

Note that you can also click to create a first point that corresponds to the ellipse center.


Major Semi-Axis Endpoint
  For example, enter H: 65mm and V: 8mm.

You just created a point on the ellipse. This point allows defining the major semi-axis.



By default, centers are created and associative but if you do not need them you can specify this in the Tools > Options dialog box. For more information, see the Infrastructure user's guide.

  1. Move the cursor and click a point on the ellipse.
    You just created a point which allows defining both minor semi-axes.