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Entering the DMU Navigator Workbench

Inserting Components

Examine Mode

Managing Views

Beginner's Fly Mode

Looking At Objects

Managing URLs

Creating Enhanced Scenes

User Tasks

Setting Up Your Session

Entering the DMU Navigator Workbench

Inserting Components

Viewing the Selection

Activating the Cache

Viewing the Cache Content

Searching for Named Objects

Resetting Component Position

Setting Current Position as Initial Position

Importing a CAD Part

Defining Groups

Visualizing CATIA V4 Layer Filters

Accessing CATIA V4 Comment Pages

Modifying the Sag Value

Creating a Point, Line, Plane or Axis System

Moving Components

Translating Components

Rotating Components

Positioning Components

Applying a Transformation

Snapping Components

Snapping Components using Multiple Constraints

Performing a Symmetry

Rotating a Component by Using the Symmetry Command


Navigating in Examine Mode

Navigating in Walk Mode

Navigating in Fly Mode

Selecting Standard Views using the Viewpoint Palette

Panning, Zooming, Rotating and Turning Head using the Viewpoint Palette

Changing Views

Viewing against Ground


Looking At Objects

Setting Lighting Effects

Setting Depth Effects


Adding 3D Annotations

Managing 3D Annotations

Creating Hyperlinks

Jumping to Hyperlinks

Creating Annotated Views

Managing Annotated Views

Adding Pictures

Adding Audio Markers

Editing Annotated Views Properties

Using Temporary Markers

Displaying Links

Using Camera Capabilities

About Cameras

Creating and Displaying a Camera

Editing Camera Properties

Moving a Camera

Selecting Standard Views

Creating, Modifying and Deleting User-defined Views

Using Generic Animation

About Player

About Track Capabilities

Recording a Camera Track

Using Track Editor and Recorder

Copying and Pasting Tracks

About Track Operators

Editing Time Line in Tracks

About Sequence Capabilities

Using the Sequence Editor

Defining a Sequence

Detecting Interferences Automatically

Recording Viewpoint Animations

Converting a Simulation into a Sequence

Recording a Simulation

Generating a Replay

Replaying a Compiled Simulation

Generating a Video Using DMU-Dedicated Tool

Managing Enhanced Scenes

About Enhanced Scenes

Creating an Enhanced Scene

Generating an Enhanced Scene from an Old Scene

Browsing Enhanced Scenes using the Scenes Browser

Activating an Enhanced Scene

Exploding an Assembly

Overloading Attributes in Enhanced Scene Context

Adding, Replacing and Deleting Components in the Assembly

Checking Component Position

Saving a Viewpoint in Enhanced Scene Context

Creating an Enhanced Scene Macro

Applying an Enhanced Scene Context to an Assembly

Applying an Assembly Context to an Enhanced Scene

Automating Enhanced Scene Context Application Using User-defined Attributes

Saving an Enhanced Scene in ENOVIAVPM

Exiting Enhanced Scene Context

Spatial Query

About Spatial Query

Running a Proximity Query

Running a Proximity Query on a Large Assembly

Running a Zone Query


Saving as 3D XML

DMU 2D Workshop

Entering the 2D Workshop

Inserting 2D Documents

Manipulating 2D Drawings

Creating an Annotated View

Managing Annotated Views

Exporting and Importing 2D Annotations

Comparing Drawings

Measuring Distance, Angle and Radius on 2D Documents

Publishing 2D Documents

Saving and Printing Image Captures

Saving a 2D Document

DMU Review

About DMU Review

Creating a Review

Creating a Child Review

Activating a Review

Viewing Review Content

Creating Applicative Data in a Review

Activating a Parent Review

Copying Applicative Data

Copying a Review

DMU Presentation

About Presentations

Creating a Presentation

Opening a Presentation

Previewing a Presentation

Modifying Visualization Settings for a Presentation

Reordering Applicative Data Entities for a Presentation

Browsing Presentations



Managing Scenes

De-Synchronizing a Scene from its associated Assembly

Adding, Replacing and Removing Components


Exploding an Assembly

Saving Viewpoints in a Scene

Editing a Scene Macro

About Persistency in Scenes

Snapping Components in Scenes

Applying a Scene to an Assembly


Initializing a Conference on UNIX using the Backbone Driver

Initializing a Conference on Windows using the Backbone Driver

Initializing a Conference on Windows using the NetMeeting Driver

Launching a Conference as Host

Joining a Conference as Guest

Leading a Conference

Sharing Documents with other Conference Members

Transferring Files

Sending Messages to other Conference Members

Customizing Conference Options

Consulting Conference History

Leaving a Conference

Managing Applicative Data

Importing Applicative Data from an Inserted Component

Importing Applicative Data from a Document in Session

Reordering Applicative Data

Instant Collaboration

About Instant Collaboration

Accessing Instant Collaboration

Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Creating a Business Card

Connecting to the Community

Searching for People in the Community

Creating a Group

Joining a Group

Inviting other People to Join a Group

Declaring your Availability Status

Chatting with another Person

Creating a 3D Conference

Joining a 3D Conference

Chatting with other People

Publishing Viewpoints

Receiving Viewpoints

Sharing Documents

Receiving Documents

Publishing Snapshots

Sharing the Mouse Pointer

Sharing Your Session

Sharing Annotated Views

Client/Server Collaboration

Connecting to the Community

Disconnecting from the Community

Adding a Group to your Community

Adding Users to a Group

Declaring Your Availability Status

Checking Availability of other People

Chatting with another Person

Creating a Collaboration Meeting

Joining a Collaboration Meeting

Working in a Collaboration Meeting

Creating a 3d Conference

Joining a 3d Conference

Inviting More People to the Current 3d Conference

Leaving the Current 3D Conference

Chatting with other People

Publishing Viewpoints

Receiving Viewpoints

Sharing the Mouse Pointer

Sharing Your Session

Sharing Annotated Views

Toolbars Description

DMU Data Flow Processes

About DMU Data Flow Processes

Sharing a Mock-up with another Site

Studying a Variant

Preparing a Design Review

Archiving a CATProduct and Related Documents

Sharing a Stand-alone Light Copy of a Mock-up

Running Batch Processes

Running the CATDMUUtility Batch Process

Running the CATDMUUtility2D Batch Process

Running the CATDMUCacheSettings Batch Process

Running the CATDMUCacheLocator Batch Process

Running the CATDMUCacheManager Batch Process

Running the CATDMUBuilder Batch Process

Running the CATDMUDistributor Batch Process

Running the CATDMUV4CacheForV5 Batch Process

Running the CATDMUSaveAsFrozen Batch Process

Writing and Running a Macro

Inserting a Document from a Webpage

Directly Inserting a DMU document from the Windows Explorer


Interoperability between DMU Navigator and CATIA V4

Importing N4D Scenes into a DMU Navigator Session

Sending Models from DMU to CATIA V4

Opening a CATIA V4 Session in DMU Navigator

Saving Version 5 CATProduct Documents As CATIA Version 4 Sessions (UNIX only)

Interoperability between DMU Navigator and ENOVIAVPM

Saving DMU Applicative Data in ENOVIA VPM

Creating a New Container Using Applicative Data from an Existing Container

Saving and Retrieving a Context

Working with ENOVIAVPM: Optimal PLM Usability with DMU Navigator

Interoperability between DMU Navigator and ENOVIA 3d com

Loading Products from ENOVIA 3d com into DMU Navigator

Viewing and Manipulating Products

Saving Products

Interoperability between DMU Navigator and ENOVIA V5 VPM

Creating a Technological Package

Changing the Current Technological Package

Creating a DMU Review in Tech Pack Context

Saving a DMU Review in Tech Pack Context

Working with ENOVIA V5 VPM: Optimal PLM Usability with DMU Navigator

Workbench Description

DMU Navigator Menu Bar

DMU Review Creation Toolbar

DMU Viewing Toolbar

View Toolbar

DMU 2D Marker Toolbar

DMU Review Navigation Toolbar

DMU Move Toolbar

DMU Generic Animation Toolbar

Automatic Clash Detection Toolbar

Viewpoint Animation Toolbar

Publishing Tools Toolbar

DMU 2D Tools Toolbar

DMU 2D Annotated Views Toolbar

DMU 2D Viewing Toolbar

DMU 2D Move Toolbar

DMU Measure Toolbar

DMU Geometry Creation Toolbar

Cumulative Snap Toolbar

Specification Tree



DMU Navigator

DMU Marker



DMU 2D Workshop

Cache Management

Cgr Management

Product Visualization

Product Structure



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