Preparing a Design Review

The objective is to save a given state of a mock-up on a high-end workstation in order to present all detected incidents to project leaders. It is crucial that none of the modifications done after the above save will impact the saved mock-up. It must be possible to load the exact data during the design review.
The cache must be activated. To activate the cache system, see Activating the Cache.
Note the following limitations concerning the use of the Save as Frozen command.





  1. The user builds the mock-up in a CATProduct.

  2. The user invokes the SaveAsFrozen  command in order to duplicate on a directory A on another workstation:

    In the menu bar, select Tools -> DMU Data Flow -> SaveAsFrozen.

    The SaveAsFrozen dialog box appears.

  1. In the Save in text-entry field, enter the path of the directory in which you wish to save the data or click the Browse button to navigate to the desired directory.

  2. In the With the prefix text-entry field, enter a prefix that will distinguish your exported data from the actual data.

  3. Click the selection button and choose Save Products, data and cache or 
    Save Products and cache from the proposed save options list. 



Note: It is important that the location of the local cache corresponds to the  directory indicated in the Save in text-entry field. 

  1. Click the OK button to confirm.

    Note: The name of the active window will now be prefixed by the string you designated in the above dialog box.

  1. The speaker of the design review meeting loads the new CATProduct to start his presentation.