Managing 3D Annotations

This task explains how to move a 3D text.
Open the Annotated_Gardena.CATProduct document.
  1. Double-click text.1  in the specification tree to edit the 3D annotation.
    The Annotation Text dialog box appears.

  2. Point the cursor over the 3D text. Green manipulators appear on the text, enabling you to move it.

  3. Drag the manipulators to the desired location.

  1. Click OK.

  2. Right-click the 3D text in the geometry area (Component to be modified for instance), select Text.2 definition->Add link.

  3. Select the component to be linked to the 3D text (for instance the valve).

  1. Deactivate the Update on product move option in Tools->Options-> DMU Navigator. When done, click OK.
    The update will be done manually.

  1. Move components using the 3D compass and mouse, e.g. NOZZLE1. Please refer to Manipulating Objects using the Mouse and Compass in the Infrastructure User's Guide.

  1. Right-click the 3D text in the geometry and select Text.1 definition->Update.
    The 3D text is repositioned.


To modify text, double-click it.

To delete annotation text, right-click the object and select Delete from the contextual menu.


The contextual menu enables you to do the following:
  • update on product move (contextual menu -> Update item) 
    Note: the default mode update is automatic (See Tools->Options-> DMU Navigator...)
  • possibility to add links to point to other components (contextual menu -> Add link item)
  • possibility to remove links (contextual menu -> Remove link item)