Running the CATDMUCacheSettings
Batch Process


The CATDMUCacheSettings batch process functionalities are intended to set the configuration needed to work with the cache. This configuration can be implemented in different ways:
  • Interactive use of CATIA or DMU Navigator
  • Interactive use of a Setting tool (equivalent to Tools Options)
  • Automation API for some parameters 

The CATDMUCacheSettings batch process provides the ability to set cache configuration in batch.

On Windows, it is always necessary to specify the -env and -direnv options. Note also that these options should always be specified at the end of the command line. For more information, see the Infrastructure User's Guide, Starting a Session on Windows.

  1. To retrieve the help information, run the command:

CATDMUCacheSettings -h

  1. To read the current values of the cache settings, run the command:

CATDMUCacheSettings -r outputfile [-unit string]

  1. To modify the values of the cache settings, run the command:

CATDMUCacheSettings [-r outputfile] [-a|-d]
[-u localdir] [-g reldir1[ reldir2..]]
[-tscheck|-notscheck] [-size value1]
[-sag value2] [-vox value3] [-unit string]


Windows Examples

CATDMUCacheSettings -h
CATDMUCacheSettings -r c:\u\currentvalues.txt -unit INCH
CATDMUCacheSettings -a

Unix Examples

CATDMUCacheSettings -h
CATDMUCacheSettings -a -u /u/local -sag 0.1
CATDMUCacheSettings -r /u/currentvalues -a -u /u/local -sag 0.1



-h : Help.

-r outputfile : To read settings (before modification if any). The command line format is used with same options.

-a : To activate cache management.

-d : To deactivate cache management.

-u localdir : To define the local cache directory.

-g reldir1 .. : To define the release cache directories. Using the -g option without any parameters will clean the release cache.

-tscheck : To check the time stamp.

-notscheck : Not to check the time stamp.

-size value1 : To define the local cache maximum size. The size is given in megabytes (mo).

-sag value2 : To generate cgr with a specified sag value.

-vox value3 : To generate 3dmap with a specified voxel value.

-unit string : To define the unit for length values. Note: The unit value for document storage is always MM.

The unit can be:

  • MM for millimeters
  • CM for centimeters
  • M for meters
  • INCH for inches
  • FOOT for feet

By default the unit is millimeters (MM).


Note that the unit value you specify affects only the values of the different parameters specified in the CATDMUCacheSettings command line. It does not affect the unit value specified in the general settings (Tools -> Options).



Possible exit status values are:

  • 0: Successful completion.
  • 1: Failure due to any of the following:
  • missing arguments
  • invalid combination of options
  • missing parameter after an option
  • unable to find output file
  • unable to write in output file
  • invalid directory
  • 2: Processing error. 


Solutions per exit status value 
  • Exit status = 1: Modify the command line using information contained in the standard error file.
  • Exit status = 2: Contact you local support.