Setting Lighting Effects

This tasks explains how to vary ambient lighting effects.
Insert the following cgr files:


  1. Select the View->Lighting... command or the Lighting icon in the DMU Viewing toolbar to display the Light Sources dialog box.

The default light source setting looks as follows:

... and produces a lighting effect like this:

Note that the One Light Source icon is activated by default. The sphere indicates the current lighting direction. The handle on the sphere indicates the direction from which the light is being projected: by default, the light is coming from the top left.
You can drag the handle around (using the left mouse button) to change the lighting direction. The new lighting effect is created instantaneously as you drag the handle.
The first slider at the bottom of the dialog box lets you adjust light source brightness.
  1. Drag the handle down and towards the bottom right.
    The light is now coming from the bottom right.



  1. Click the Two Light Source icon to add another light source.


In our example, using two light sources means that the lighting is now too bright.
  1. Drag the brightness slider (the first slider in the list) to the left to reduce the brightness.

  1. Now drag the lower handle up towards the top left to change the direction of the corresponding light source.

  1. Click the Neon Light icon to produce a neon light effect.



  1. Click the No Light Source icon to switch off all light sources.

The bottom two sliders control contrast and specular intensity of light sources respectively.