Rotating Components

This task will show you how to rotate a component:
  • by entering the rotation angle and specifying the rotation axis
  • by selecting a geometric element to define the rotation axis and entering the angle value (not described in this scenario)
Open the Move.CATProduct document.
  1. Click the Translation or Rotation icon .

The Move dialog box is displayed. 

  1. Click the Rotation tab.

For an explanation of the parameters Apply on leaf product and Relative move, see Moving Components.

  1. Select the component to be rotated, GARDENA,NOZZLE_2_2.1

  1. Click one of the Axis options to specify the axis of rotation, e.g. the y axis.

  2. Enter an angle of rotation in the Angle box , e.g. 90deg.

  3. Click Apply to rotate the component
    The selected component is rotated accordingly.

Note: you can apply this translation to other components. Simply select them and click Apply.

Selecting elements:
  • Click Selection to define your rotation with respect to an element.
  • Select an element to define the axis of rotation, e.g. an edge.

This procedure is not described in this scenario, please refer to Rotate Components in Assembly User's Guide.

  1. You can click Apply as many times as you wish to rotate the component to the desired position.

  1. Click OK to close the dialog box.

Note: You can rotate constrained components by means of the Shift key and the compass.

For more information about defining rotations with respect to a geometrical element, see Rotate Components in the Assembly User's Guide.