DMU Navigator Menu Bar

This section presents the menu bar tools and commands dedicated to the DMU Navigator workbench

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Viewpoint Palette... Selecting standard views using the Viewpoint Palette

Panning, zooming, rotating and turning head using the Viewpoint Palette

Scene specification... Creating Scenes
Modify -> Previous View Changing Views
Modify -> Next View Changing Views
Modify -> Look At Looking At Objects
Named Views... Using Camera Capabilities

Using Standard Views

Creating, Modifying and Deleting User-Defined Views

Navigation Mode ->
Navigating in Examine Mode
Navigation Mode -> Walk Navigating in Walk mode
Navigation Mode -> Fly Navigating in Fly Mode
Lighting... Setting Lighting Effects
Depth Effect... Setting Depth Effects
Ground Viewing Objects against the Ground
Magnifier... Magnifying


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Review Creating a Review
Annotated View Annotating
3D Annotation Adding 3D Annotations
Hyperlink Creating Hyperlinks
Group Defining Groups
Enhanced Scene Creating an Enhanced Scene
Presentation DMU Presentation
  Sectioning Sectioning
  Simulation Recording Animations
  Annotated Views file import Creating Annotated Views
  Import Applicative Data Importing Applicative Data
  New Technological Package
  New Component Product Structure User's Guide
  New Product Product Structure User's Guide
  New CDM Component Integration User's Guide
  New Part... Product Structure User's Guide
  Existing Component... Inserting Components


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Options General

DMU Navigator

Product Visualization

Multiprocess Settings

Cache Management

Product Structure


External Formats

Conferencing Conferencing
Backbone Connection Initializing Backbone Driver
Publish Publishing
Loading Products into DMU Navigator
Cache Content Managing the Cache Content


Translate or Rotate Translating components
Rotating components
Snap Snapping Components
Create symmetry Assembly and component mirroring
Reset position Reset component position
Convert Simulation Converting a Simulation
Generate Replay Recording Animations
Generate Video Generating a Video
Replay  Replaying Animations
Import N4D Scene Importing N4D Scenes in a DMU Navigator Session
Modify Sag Modifying the Sag Value
CATIA V4 Layers Filters Visualizing CATIA V4 Layer Filters


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Graphic Messages Using Temporary Markers
Measure Between Measuring Between
Measure Item Measuring Properties
Measure Inertia Measuring Inertia