Running the CATDMUUtility2D Batch Process


The CATDMUUtility2D  is a batch process enabling the generation of cgm files from CATDrawing, DXF, DWG, CDD, .model and 3D XML documents.

Input 2d data can be file based or data based (ENOVIAVPM or ENOVIA V5 VPM).

Output data is generated in a specified file. (Generation of output data into a cache is not supported).


All paths indicated in the CATDMUUtility2D  command line must be absolute paths. 


The –3dxml option enables you to generate 3D XML files for CATDrawings.
  1. Prepare the Input file defining conversion parameters.

A typical computation parameters file looks like this:

To retrieve help information

CATDMUUtility2D  -h


To export input data

CATDMUUtility2D    -id inputId -cgm outputlocation
                                  [-sheet sheetName]
                                  [-db VPM|ENOVIA5 -user user -spwd cryppwd -role role
                                    -server server]


Windows Examples

CATDMUUtility2D  -h CATDMUUtility2D  -id c:\u\input.model -cgm c:\tmp\model.cgm

Unix Examples

CATDMUUtility2D  -h CATDMUUtility2D  -id /u/input2/model.model -cgm c:\tmp\model.cgm -sheet Sheet.1


Input Options

-h     : Help.
-id inputID  : The input identifier can be of type .model, CATDrawing, dxf, cdd or  dwg. It can also be:
  • a path (eventually a DLName preceded by 'CATDLN://')
  • a data base identifier (ENOVIAVPM or ENOVIA V5 VPM)

-db  Input database type : For processing data stored in a PDM database.

For details on using the -db option, see Accessing Data in a PDM Database.

  -sheet sheetName : To export a specific sheet from input data.

Output Options

-cgm        : Output file for cgm corresponding to the input file. A path must be indicated after the option. If no output file name is mentioned, output file will be generated in input file directory.

-3dxml : Output file for 3D XML. The generation of a 3D XML file is only possible for input file of type CATDrawing.


CATDMUUtility2D -id e:\tmp\mydrawing.CATDrawing -3dxml e:\tmp\mydrawing.3dxml