Inserting 2D Documents


The Insert 2D Document command enables you to load a 2D document into the current session.
It is also possible to insert multiple documents.
Only drawing elements in the associated sheet will appear in the cgm document that is opened in the viewer.


  1. In the DMU 2D Tools toolbar, click the Insert 2D Document icon .

The Insert Document dialog box appears.


  1. Select the CompleteDrawing.cgm file from samples folder and click the Open button.

The document is loaded into your session.

You can insert multiple 2D documents of the following types:
  • cgm
  • dxf, dwg (DMU Navigator only)
  • GL, GL2
  • HPGL
  • CATDrawing (DMU Navigator only)
  • V4 Drawing (.model) (DMU Navigator only)