Generating an Enhanced Scene from an Old Scene


There is currently no formal process for automatically converting Old Scenes to  Enhanced Scenes. The available solution consists of selecting the Old Scene in the specification tree and then creating an Enhanced Scene.
You have created an Old Scene in which you've modified one or more attributes (e.g. you've modified the color of one of the components and you've modified the viewpoint of the Old Scene).

  1. Open the GardenaScene.CATProduct.

  2. In the Specification Tree, select the Old Scene.

  3. Click the Enhanced Scene icon and create the Enhanced Scene with the name and overload mode of your choice (see Creating an Enhanced Scene).
    Once created, the Enhanced Scene will be displayed and its state (the value of all possibly overloaded attributes) will be the same as that of the Old Scene from which it was created.

ainfo.gif (980 bytes) If you have chosen Overload Mode Partial, each attribute in the Enhanced Scene which is different from the corresponding attribute in the Assembly will now be considered overloaded.

The Old Scene will not be destroyed.

The Old Scene and the Enhanced Scene will be independent one from the other.

ainfo.gif (980 bytes) Scripts can be written using VBScript for generating Enhanced Scenes from Old Scenes.