About DMU Data Flow Processes

DMU Data Flow is a set of methodologies, tools and customizations that supports the necessary flow of data between applications during the following DMU industrial processes:
  • Design review (preparation, presentation, conferencing)
  • Packaging
  • Management follow-up
  • Documentation
  • Data administration

Tools in DMU Navigator supporting DMU Data Flow processes

The following are the current tools in DMU Navigator that support DMU Data Flow processes:



DLName support

Directory options can be defined using DLNames, with the exception of cache directory definitions. For more information on DLNames, see the Infrastructure Guide, Administrating Data Using the DLName Mechanism.

VBScript support

Scripts can be written using VBScript for all DMU Data Flow processes.

Direct access to SaveAsFrozen, DMUExport and DMUImport commands via the Menu Bar

In the menu bar, select Tools -> DMU Data Flow -> SaveAsFrozen (or DMUCacheExport or DMUCacheImport).


Save as Frozen


When using the Save Products and data or Save Products, data and cache options, models and CATParts coming from a PDM are saved only if they are in design mode. If they are not in design mode, then the product might still point to data in the database.
  Save as Frozen does not save Technological Packages. Therefore, when a product referencing Technological Packages is saved using the Save As Frozen command, the Technological Packages in the session become unusable. It is recommended that you close the product and re-load it from the Save As Frozen result to continue working.
  The Save As Frozen command does not add the prefix to the beginning of names of CATParts.

Save as only One Product

Save as only one product is a new option that resolves links to external products and saves the result as one product containing all concerned components.

This option is available when using the SaveAsFrozen command in the following DMU Data Flow processes:

  • Sharing a Mock-up with another Site
  • Studying a Variant
  • Sharing a Stand-alone Light Copy of a Mock-up


  • The Save as only One Product option does not take into account Instance data (e.g. graphic attributes and component flexibility). Only the Reference data is considered.
  • The Save as only One Product option cannot treat products having applicative data (DMU applicative data, constraints, tolerancing, etc.).
  • When a File-based or Blackbox product contains applicative data and the chosen option is Save as only One Product, an error message is displayed and the save is performed as when the chosen option is Save Products.