Creating Hyperlinks

You can add hyperlinks to your document and then use them to jump to a variety of locations, for example to a marketing presentation, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or an HTML page. You can add hyperlinks to models, products and parts as well as to any constituent elements.

Note that in a given context, you can only have one hyperlink pointing to a given feature (model, product, part or constituent element).

  Visualization Mode does not permit selection of individual model elements. To select these elements, switch to Design Mode (Edit->Representations->Design Mode).


Prepare a document that you want to see displayed via a hyperlink.

Insert the following cgr files:


  1. In the menu bar, select Insert -> Hyperlink, or, in the DMU Review Creation toolbar, click the Hyperlink icon .
    The Manage Hyperlink dialog box appears.

  2. Select the object you want to represent the hyperlink.

    Note: You can also select the object first and then invoke the Hyperlink command.

  1. In the Name text-entry field, enter a name for your hyperlink.

  1. In the URL text-entry field, enter the path to the destination file and press Enter or click the Browse... button and select the destination file in the Link to File dialog box.

You can add more than one link. Simply enter another path or click Browse... and select another file. All links created are listed in the Link to file or URL box.

To follow the link to the destination file, select a link then click Go to.

To remove existing links, select a link then click Remove.


  1. Click OK in the Manage Hyperlink dialog box when satisfied.
    The hyperlink is created and is identified in the specification tree.


You can edit the Hyperlink URL, simply right-click the URL item in the specification tree and select URL object  -> Hyperlink from the contextual menu to edit the link.

For example: