Sharing Your Session


This functionality is only available if you have a DMU Navigator license.


In Listen mode, you can choose to enter a supplementary mode, called Slave mode,  which enables you to synchronize your session with the following elements of the chosen Publisher's session:
  • model highlighting
  • model show/hide status
  • tree expansion/compression
  • current workbench
  • DMU Presentation browsing (requires DMU P2 license)

Note that while you are in Slave mode, you will no longer have control of your mouse pointer.

When you are publisher and are working in a CATProduct, by default the product filter will be active and therefore DMU Reviews, DMU applicative data and product sub-components will not be selectable. If you want to be able to select these objects, you must deactivate the filter.

Note: The activation of the filter is necessary because the synchronization between sub-components (constraints, geometry, etc.) is not guaranteed at this time.

Note: The synchronization of DMU applicative data is not guaranteed at this time.

DMU Presentations will be synchronized when you activate the Slave mode.
  1. In the 3D Conferencing dialog box, click the Activate slave mode checkbox.
    You immediately lose control of your mouse pointer in your session.
    Your session will now be synchronized with the model highlight, model show/hide status and the tree expansion state of the chosen Publisher's session.


  2. To exit Slave mode, in the reduced 3D Conferencing dialog box, click the Suspend button.
    You exit Slave mode. You will now have normal control of your session.