Using Generic Animation


Player:  Provides detailed information about the player.
About Track Capabilities: Provides background information about tracks
Recording a Camera Track: Select a camera then click the Track icon. Set the automatic insert option. In Properties, activate Update camera from view option, click OK to save the track with camera viewpoints.
Track editor and recorder: Provides information about the DMU Fitting dedicated tools.
Copying and paste tracks: Right-click the track to be copied. Select Copy from the contextual menu, then right-click tracks item in the specification tree and select Paste from the contextual menu. Double-click the pasted track to change the object selection.
  About track operators: Provides detailed information on how to use operators.
Editing Time Line in Tracks: Select the track to be edited, click More, and either drag and drop the segment or enter a precise value in the shot time field.
About Sequence Capabilities: provides background information about tracks
Sequence Editor: provides information about the sequence editor
Defining a Sequence: Click the Edit Sequence icon, add actions, sequence them, and modify the actions' duration, if necessary. Click the Edit Analysis tab, and add interferences and distances. When satisfied, click OK.
Detecting Interferences Automatically: Double-click the simulation object in the specification tree and click Clash Detection (On). Set options in the Edit Simulation dialog box and run your simulation.
Recording Viewpoint Animations: Click red start command in the Viewpoint Animation toolbar and move the geometry as desired to record viewpoints. Click stop command when satisfied.
Converting a Simulation into a Sequence: Select the simulation in the specification tree, select the menu Tools->Simulation->Convert Simulation ...
Recording a Simulation: Select a camera then click the Simulation icon. Move the camera using the 3D compass, clicking Insert in the Edit Simulation dialog box to record shots and OK to save the simulation.
Generating a Replay: Select the simulation object and select Tools->Simulation->Generate Replay.
Replaying: Select a replay object and select Tools->Simulation->Replay. Replay the recorded animation using buttons and options in the Replay dialog box.
Generating a Video  Tools->Simulation->Generate Video.