Product Visualization

The Product Visualization tab concerns the following setting categories:


In the Representation area, if you click the Do not activate shapes on open selection box, the graphical representations of all the components will not be computed when opening a CATProduct. So the only thing that will be displayed is the specification tree.
This option may be used to speed up the opening of large CATPRoducts when you don't need to see all the components.
Once the CATProduct is opened, you can display the component you need to see by using the Representation -> Activate Node option in the contextual menu of these components.

By default, this option is not selected.

Visualization Mode Type

  • Visualization Mode with local cache option, when the Cache is activated (check the Work with the cache system checkbox). In this case, you create all the cgr files in a local cache in mono process.


It is the default value.
  • Multi process visualization mode with local cache: when the Cache is activated. You can choose the creation of Cache files in multi process (DMU context). If you decide to check "Multi Process Visualization Mode with local cache" rather than "Visualization Mode with local cache", the following message appears:
  • Visualization Mode without local cache: the cgr files within local Cache cannot be visualized; they are not created in the local cache.
  • None: when this option is activated, you are not in Visualization Mode but in Design Mode.