Client/Server Collaboration


Client/Server Collaboration is available only if you have a VPM Navigator license.
  Creating and Working in a 3D Conference is available only if you also have a DMU Navigator license.


Organizing a Collaboration Meeting

Connecting to the Community
Disconnecting from the Community
Adding a Group to Your Community
Adding Users to a Group
Declaring your Availability Status
Checking Availability of other People
Chatting with another Person
Creating a Collaboration Meeting
Joining a Collaboration Meeting
Working in a Collaboration Meeting

Creating and Working in a 3D Conference

Creating a 3D Conference
Joining a 3D Conference
Inviting More People to the Current 3D Conference
Leaving the Current 3D Conference
Chatting with other People
Publishing Viewpoints
Receiving Viewpoints
Sharing the Mouse Pointer
Sharing Highlight
Sharing Annotated Views