Running a Proximity Query

Large assemblies can be complex, consisting of many products and sub-products. You can simplify a complex assembly by displaying only those products you want to work with. Proximity Query lets you do just that.
Insert all the GARDENA model documents from the cfysm samples folder:


  1. In the DMU Review Navigation toolbar, click the Spatial Query icon .
    The Spatial Query dialog box is displayed:


A Filter option enables you to filter out certain elements from the query result:
  • Shown products only: if checked, the no show products will not be taken into account
  • Activated products only: if checked, the inactivated products will not be taken into account


  1. Select one of the products you want to be the reference for the query, e.g. GARDENALOCK.1 .

  2. Set the accuracy by entering a value, e.g. 3mm.

Note: You can check the Released accuracy option to use pre-calculated data (from the Cache directory).

  1. Check the Far away products only option.

  2. Click Search.
    The results display in the Result list. Note that you can deselect products in the Result list using Crtl + Select.


As you use the Search and fill the Result list, your local cache will be filling up. At any time, you can click the Accuracy three points button to access the Cache Management and Accuracy dialog box.

To free the cache, click the Free total cache button.


  1. Click Select to select the products listed in the Result list.
    The products found are highlighted both in the specification tree and geometry area:

  1. Hide the products found.
    You can now work with a simplified product.



  It is now possible to recuperate the initial product selection.

Click the Selection three points button.

The Input products dialog box appears.
The listed selection corresponds to those products you selected before you executed a search.


  • While the Input products dialog box is active, you can change the selection in your session and the listed selection in the Input products dialog box will be correspondingly modified .
  • Likewise, if you change the selection in the Input products dialog box, the selection in your session will be correspondingly modified.
  • You can check the Preview checkbox to see a preview of your product selection.