Creating a Collaboration Meeting


You can create a meeting to interactively share ideas with your other people. There are five different types of meetings:
  • Chat
  • Screen Sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • Audio
  • Video

Chat, Screen sharing, Whiteboard, Audio and Video meetings are all managed via the standard Sametime interface.

For detailed user information, see the Sametime documentation.
  1. In the Community dialog box, right-click the group or the person that you wish to constitute the initial invitation list to your meeting.
    The Invite others to a meeting dialog box appears.

  1. In the Meeting tools area, click the checkbox of each meeting tool you wish to be available during the meeting.

Note that 3D, the meeting type used to create a 3D conference, is not an available tool when creating a collaboration meeting.

  1. To secure the meeting, click the Secure checkbox.
    Between the Sametime server and the client, all data will be encrypted.

  2. Click OK to confirm your choices and create the meeting.
    Invitations are sent to all invitees.
    The Collaboration Meeting user interface appears.


You can also create Screen sharing, Whiteboard, and Collaboration meetings directly from the Meetings toolbar:
Icon in Meetings toolbar Meeting type
Screen Sharing

You can also create Audio and Video meetings directly from the Instant Messaging toolbar:

Icon in Instant Messaging  toolbar Meeting type

By default, the meeting tools checked will correspond to the chosen meeting type.