Creating a New Container Using Applicative Data from an Existing Container


It is often necessary for a user B to create a new container C2 using as a starting point applicative data that was created in a container C1 by a user A. 
By default, saving the container will replace the content of container C1, thereby eliminating a working context proper to user A. It is important to respect the following methodology in order that container C1 remains as it was at the outset of user B's work.
Have an ENOVIAVPM and a DMU Navigator session running.
  1. In VPM, open a container C1 and use the ADD option to add the elements into the DMU session.

  1. In DMU, create new applicative data to be saved in container C2 along with the applicative data inherited from the starting context of container C1. 

  1. In DMU, perform steps 2 and 3 of Saving DMU Applicative Data in ENOVIAVPM in order to:

  • add the Set PDM Properties the icon in your workbench
  • define the desired container name, C2, of the new container and confirm the creation / update of the designated container


  1. In the DMU menu bar, select View -> Toolbars -> ENOVIAVPM.
    The ENOVIAVPM toolbar appears.

  1. In DMU, click the New Federator icon .

The current container is re-initialized with its new name, C2.

  1. In DMU, select File -> Save.

The new container C2 will be created. 
The container C1 will still exist with its original content.