Automating Enhanced Scene Context Application Using User-defined Attributes


This command enables you to streamline the application of an Enhanced Scene context to an Assembly by allowing you to pre-define those attributes that you would like to apply by default and then allowing you to apply those attributes from a contextual menu.
You've created an Enhanced Scene in which you've modified at least one of the following:
  • component position
  • component hide / show status
  • component graphical properties
  • component activation status

ainfo.gif (980 bytes) Enhanced Scene creation always uses the Assembly as the reference. Therefore, the command Apply Scene on Assembly will affect all of the Enhanced Scenes with Overload Mode Partial that have not overloaded the attributes corresponding to those that will be updated in the Assembly.
  1. In the specification tree, right-click Scene.1 and select Scene.1 object -> Set User Defined Attributes in the contextual menu.


  1. Select the products for which you wish to apply modifications.
    The rows corresponding to the products will be highlighted.
    In the Attributes management area, the attribute types that could potentially be applied as a function of the selected products will be un-grayed (in the above example, only the Position attribute has been modified for the selected products, so only the Position attribute type has been un-grayed).

  2. In the Attributes management area, click the attribute types of the modifications you wish to apply.
    The entry in the table of the corresponding modification will change from "X" to "Lock".

  1. Click OK to validate.

ainfo.gif (980 bytes) The use of the contextual menu is the same as in Applying an Enhanced Scene Context to an Assembly.

The customization of displayed attributes in the dialog box is the same as in Applying an Enhanced Scene Context to an Assembly.