A number of tools let you prepare html reports that you can publish on the enterprise intranet or the Internet for collaborative communication. You can for example take a snapshot of a clash conflict detected during your review, add appropriate comments or annotations and even select parts to insert as a VRML link.
This task explains how to publish reports.
Insert all the cgr files from the samples folder.

  1. In the menu bar, select Tools -> Publish -> Start Publish or click the Start Publish icon .
    The file selection dialog box appears.


  1. Identify the path where you want to save the report as well as the report name then click Save.
    The Publishing Tools toolbar appears.

Note: Reports are published in html format. The date created and the person who created the report are indicated.


  1. Click the Feature Publish icon , then select the feature you want to publish in the specification tree. 

The DMU features you can publish are the following:

  • simulations
  • interferences
  • URL
  1. When done, click the Stop Publish icon I_RemoveFamilyP2.gif (249 bytes) in the Publishing Tools toolbar or select Tools -> Publish -> Stop Publish.

You can use other Publishing Tools commands to add a comment or take snapshots, for example.

  1. Click the Snapshot icon I_PhotoP2.gif (311 bytes) to insert a screen capture into your report.

  1. Click the Text icon I_PubTextP2.gif (203 bytes) to add a comment.
    The Publish Text dialog box appears.

  2. Enter your comment then click OK.

dbpublishtext01NLS.gif (9167 bytes)

  1. Take other snapshots.

  2. Select one or more products then, in the Publishing Tools toolbar, click the VRML icon I_VRMLPubP2.gif (238 bytes)  to insert selected components as a VRML link.

Note: In the DMU Mock-up 2D Workshop, the VRML command is not available.

  1. When done, in the Publishing Tools toolbar, click the Stop Publish icon I_RemoveFamilyP2.gif (249 bytes) or select Tools -> Publish -> Stop Publish.

The published report is automatically displayed if you set the Browser automatically opened option in the DMU Navigator Settings (Tools -> Options -> Digital Mockup -> DMU Navigator). 

Clicking the images in the html page enlarges them.