Running a Proximity Query on a Large Assembly

Large assemblies can be complex, consisting of many products and sub-products. You can simplify a complex assembly by displaying only those products you want to work with. Proximity Query lets you do just that.
This task shows how to run a proximity query based on components inserted without associated shape representations. You load the product structure only.

  1. Make sure you work with the cache system on. To activate the cache system, see Activating the Cache.
  2. Make sure shape representations are deactivated before inserting your files. For this:
  • Select Tools->Options from the menu bar.
    The Options dialog box is displayed.
  • Expand the Infrastructure category in the left-hand tree.
  • Click the Product Visualization tab.
  • In the Representation field, check the Do not activate default shapes on open option.
  • Click OK to confirm your operation.


  1. Insert all the DEMO_CGE_CHAINSAW*.cgr documents from the cfyug samples folder.


  1. Click the Spatial Query icon .
    The Spatial Query dialog box appears:


  1. Select one of the products you want to be the reference for the query, e.g.  DEMO_CGE_CHAINSAW_BODY_FILTER(DEMO_CGE_CHAINSAW_BODY_FILTER.1).


  1. Set the Clearance by entering a value. In our example, we will keep the default value of 0mm.


  1. Set the Accuracy by entering 50mm, for example.


  1. Keep the Nearby products including selection option set.

  2. Click Search.
    The result is displayed in the Result list. The products found are highlighted  in the specification tree.


  1. Click Select to keep the selection of the products listed in the Result list and to close the Spatial Query dialog box.

  2. To activate the shape representations of the items, right-click the highlighted items in the specification tree and select Representations -> Activate Node .



This is what you obtain:

Now you can work with a simplified product.