Leading the Visual Conference

atarget.gif (1372 bytes) During the visual conference, only the participant who is the designated speaker can speak. (The Host is the designated speaker by default.) Actions or commands performed by the speaker in his /her DMU session are replicated in the DMU sessions of the other participants. The other participants cannot perform actions or commands in their DMU sessions while someone else is speaker (unless that particular participant has switched from Listen mode to Work mode); they can, however, continue to perform actions in the Conferencing dialog box.

Any participant can request to speak by clicking the Speak radio button on the  Visual Control page. The host grants the request to speak by double-clicking the name of the requesting participant in the Speaking requests area of the Visual Control page. Of course, the host member can become speaker at any time by requesting to speak and granting his / her own request.

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Suspending the Visual Conference

The host member can suspend the visual conference at any time. All he needs to do is click the Suspend the Visual Conference button. Performing this action allows everybody to work on their own.

Only the host can suspend and start the visual conference.


Conference mode

  • Directed: the host manages the requests to speak

  • Free: any participant can speak at any moment


Participant mode

  • Record on / Record off: participants can record events in order to visualize all of the events that transpired while they were in a break

  • Update: recorded events are replayed one by one

  • Listen and Work: participants can either listen to the speaker or choose to momentarily disengage from the visual conference in order perform work not related to the conference

  • Speak: to request to speak, a participant clicks the Speak radio button (if the Conference mode is Free, then there is of course no need to request to speak)



Managing Who Speaks in a Directed Visual Conference

In a directed conference, the Host manages all speaking requests.

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  1. A participant clicks the Speak radio button.
    The image of a person with raised hand appears, indicating the participant's request to speak. The requesting participant must now wait until the Host grants the request.


  1. The Host double-clicks the name of the participant requesting to speak.

  1. As soon as the request is granted, the requesting participant's Speak radio button becomes active, he / she is now the speaker.

  When the speaker is performing actions in the interactive session, his / her name now appears under the arrow.

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