Creating and Displaying Camera

This task shows how to create and display cameras.
Insert the following cgr files:


  1. Adjust the view parameters (zoom, rotation, etc.) of the document to define the desired camera location.

  2. Select  the View -> Named View command from the menu bar.
    The Named Views dialog box displayed.

  1. Click the Add button. 
    A camera appears in the view list.

  1. Click OK to create the camera.
    A camera is created at the current viewpoint. 

  2. Double-click Camera 1 in the specification tree.

  1. Zoom out and rotate the model to see the 3D representation.

  1. Click anywhere in the geometry area to de-select the camera and see the camera symbol.

You can create several cameras at different locations. The DMU Navigator offers you the possibility of visualizing the viewpoint of each camera in different windows.
  1. Select Window -> Camera Window from the menu bar.
    All cameras created are listed.

  2. Select the cameras of interest from the list.
    A new window showing the camera viewpoint is opened for each camera selected.

  3. To organize the opened windows horizontally, select Window -> Tile Horizontally from the menu bar. 

  1. To organize the opened windows vertically, select Window -> Tile Vertically from the menu bar.


  1. To organize the opened windows so that they overlap one another, select Window -> Cascade from the menu bar.