Recording a Simulation 

This task and the following task will show how to create an animation using one camera. This is done in two steps:
  • Define a track
    For this, you will use the 3D compass. For more information on the 3D compass, see the Infrastructure User's Guide.
  • Create a film (a replay object) from your simulation.

This enables you to produce an animated inspection of your design. For more information, see the DMU Fitting Simulator User's Guide.

You defined a Camera.
  1. Select the camera  in the specification tree.

  1. Select Insert->Simulation...

The Edit Simulation dialog box and the Preview window showing the object manipulated (in our case, the camera) appear.

To change the default display setting for the Preview window, see Customizing DMU Navigator Settings.

  1. Close the Preview window.


The camera viewpoint is stored in the Simulation object each time you click Insert in the Edit Simulation dialog box. You can, in this way, record a series of viewpoints which when combined and compiled create your animation.

Remember that the initial position is automatically recorded.


  1. Using the 3D compass, move the camera to a new location.
    By default, the 3D compass snaps to the eye when you clicked the Simulation icon if it wasn't attached before.

  2. Click Insert and record the desired shot.

  3. Move the camera as often as necessary, clicking Insert to record shots.

You may find it useful to open the camera window (Window->Camera Window) and tile the two windows. This will allow you to see the camera viewpoint better as you move the camera.
  1. Use the VCR buttons to position the camera in its original location and replay the recorded camera positions.

  2. Click OK to save the simulation.

Note: No simulation is displayed when defining a simulation recording camera viewpoints.

Generating a Replay

You are now ready to create a film. This is done by generating a replay.

  1. Select the Simulation object in the specification tree.

  2. Select Tools->Simulation-> Generate Replay .
    The Generate Replay dialog box appears.


  1. Enter a meaningful name for your film if desired.

  2. Click OK to generate the replay.
    You can see the results in the geometry area as the simulation is being compiled.