Managing Scenes


Desynchronizing All Components in a Scene from the Associated Assembly: In the scene window, select the entire product and click the Reset Component Position icon. 
Adding, Replacing and Removing Components: In the document window, click Product1, select Insert ->Existing Component... then the component (s) you want to add. Delete a component in the same manner.
Resetting and Checking Component Positioning: Double-click the scene representation then select Tools ->Check Positioning... to highlight items moved. Click the Reset Selected Products icon and exit the scene.
Exploding an Assembly: Create a scene. In the scene window, select the products you want to explode and click the Explode icon. Set options in the Explode dialog box and click OK. Exit the scene.
Saving Viewpoints in a Scene: Click the Create Scene icon then OK. Modify viewpoints then click the Save viewpoints icon. Click the Exit from Scene icon to return to the initial document window.
Editing a Scene Macro: You create a scene through a macro and edit specific parameters.
About Persistency in Scenes: Deactivate a node in an existing scene. Exit scene the node in the product is still activated and deactivated in the scene.
Snapping Components in Scenes: Click this icon and select both elements.
Applying a Scene to an Assembly: Right-click the scene object, select Scene.1object ->Apply scene on Assembly. Then select the modifications in the dialog box and click OK. the modifications are visible in your assembly.