Customizing External Formats Import

  If you have the SolidWorks, SolidEdge or Acis Plug-In license, the following categories of options will be available:
You imported a CAD Part  through the Insert ->Existing Component command.

Visu Format Unit


Millimeters per unit

This setting allows you to specify the number of millimeters per unit of the model. For instance, if you have a file in inch, you need to enter 25.4 in this field.

This option is taken into account when you have the following formats: SLP, STL, OBJ, BYU, IFF and _PS.

Note: For a file of type _PS, the Visu Format Unit must be set to 10.



Link Mode



Tesselated data.

By default, this option is activated.


Visu Snap

Recovery of CAD's exact geometry to generate V5 CGR. Canonical shape properties are identified. The visualization mode enables part snapping capability. After selecting this option, this message appears: "Please, restart session to take modifications into account".



Link with a V5 CATPart. Do not modify this CATPart in CATIA V5.




Save Coorsys in Cgr

Stores part coordinate systems in .cgr file. It is only supported in the indirect mode. This parameter determines whether coordinate systems present in imported ProE, UG or IDEAS parts will be imported into the resulting CGR files.


Output of generated data


Output Path

Lets you customize the Output File for generated data. It specifies the location where CGR and CATParts will be generated.

  If you have the IDEAS, ProEngineer or Unigraphics Plug-In licenses, additional options will appear in the External Formats tab.

With the IDEAS Plug-In license, you obtain:

IDEAS (direct mode)


IDI 3D Annotation (CATPart mode only)

Select this option to convert IDI 3D Annotations to V5 (requires one of the following licenses):

  • CATIA: FT1.prd or FTA.prd
  • ENOVIA: DT1.prd
  • DELMIA: MTR.prd or MFT.prd



  With the ProEngineer Plug-In license:

Quilts Read

Enables to activate the transfer of quilts surfaces inside CGR. This setting does not apply to NCGM or CATPart conversions.

By default, this option is not activated.


Simplified Representation

Only part simplified representation is supported. To set the name of the part simplified representation to use before the Assembly conversion, check this box and enter the name.

By default, this option is not activated.


Instance Name

When you want to import a specific instance of a generic assembly/part, check this button and specify the name of the instance of your choice.

By default, this option is not activated.

  • For Simplified Representation and Instance Name, only upper case names are supported with the direct converter.
  • xpr files must be on the disk for proper support of Part Instances conversion.