Running the CATDMUV4CacheForV5
Batch Process

The objective is to allow the reading of the V4 Cache from a V5 session in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of cache data and thereby support a smooth transition from V4 4D Navigator to V5 DMU Navigator / 3d com. The operation is done in three steps:
  • Run the CATDMUV4CacheForV5 to export a V4 Cache Content file into a text file  
  • Run the CATSys4DcacheMigr , using the previously generated text file as input, to create symbolic links from the V5 cache to the tessellated documents in the V4 cache directory
  • Whenever new DLNames are added to the V4 Cache, run CATSysDLExport to update these DLNames for the V5 Cache 


This batch process is only available on Unix.
  1. Run CATDMUV4CacheForV5 each time the V4 cache is modified.


CATDMUV4CacheForV5 DataCacheContent MappingFile.txt


DataCacheContent: Complete path of the V4 Cache file to be mapped

MappingFile.txt: Output text file containing information that will be passed to the following command in the process, CATSys4DCacheMigr


It reads the DataCacheContent, retrieves the list of files, their location and location of reference files, and stores this information in the output file MappingFile.txt given as an argument.

  1. Each time V4 cache is modified, run  CATSys4DCacheMigr using the output from CATDMUV4CacheForV5 .

For a more accurate management of timestamps, you should define read access on all filename models before running CATSys4DCacheMigr .


CATSys4DCacheMigr MappingFile.txt V4_Cache_Path V5_Cache_Path  ReportFile.txt [DLNames.txt]


MappingFile.txt: Output of CATDMUV4CacheForV5

V4_Cache_Path: Path of 4D Navigator Cache

V5_Cache_Path: Can be either an already filled cache path or a new one

ReportFile.txt: Output log file

DLNames.txt: Optional output, pre-formatted template file for V5 DLName definition. 


It creates symbolic links in the V5 cache and a template file (DLNames.txt) for CATSysDLExport (step 3 below).


Do not forget to reference the V5 Cache path in the V5 Tools -> Options -> Infrastructure -> Cache Management tab.
  1. Each time there are new DLNames added in the V4 Cache

  • edit the DLNames.txt template to instantiate the location of the DLNames
  • run CATSysDLExport to update the DLNames



CATSysDLExport -admin -i DLNames.txt -r ReportFile.txt


DLNames.txt: Output of CATSys4DCacheMigr

ReportFile.txt: Output log file


It creates or updates V5 DLNames to be compliant with V4 DLNames.

For more information concerning DLNames, see the DMU Navigator Installation and Administration User's Guide, Administrating Data Using the DLName Mechanism.