Viewing Objects against the Ground

Ground lets you visually insert a plane at the ground level of your document, thus enabling you to recognize when your document is viewed the right way up.
By default, when you first access a document, the plane parallel or tangent to the bottom point of your document is considered to be the ground. You can, however, change the plane used to identify the ground. For more information, see the DMU Infrastructure User's Guide, Navigation.
This task shows you how to show and hide the ground.
Insert the platform.model document from the samples folder.

  1. Select View->Ground, or click the Horizontal Ground icon in the DMU Viewing toolbar.
    The ground plane is displayed in the geometry area.
    To hide the ground, simply repeat the same step.

  1. Drag (left mouse button) the ground up or down to a new location, then release the mouse button.
    The ground is repositioned as defined.