Browsing Enhanced Scenes using the Scenes Browser


You can browse your Enhanced Scenes visually using the Scenes Browser. Appropriate customization of the Scenes Browser settings enables you to:
  • activate a scene by simply double-clicking its image
  • apply a scene to the assembly by simply double-clicking its image
  1. Click the Scenes Browser icon I_CloseP2.gif (214 bytes).
    The Scenes Browser appears. An image representation of all defined Enhanced Scenes associated to the current Assembly will be found in the Scenes Browser.


  1. To change to a list display of the Enhanced Scenes, click the Display List icon .
    The Enhanced Scenes are now displayed in list format.



Customizing double-click behavior in the Scenes Browser

  1. In the Scenes Browser, click the Customize button.

  2. Check the radio button corresponding to the desired double-click behavior:

  1. Click OK to validate.

Implementing the chosen behavior (Activating an Enhanced Scene or Applying an Enhanced Scene to the Assembly)

  1. In the Scenes Browser, double-click the image of an Enhanced Scene to implement the chosen behavior.

ainfo.gif (980 bytes) The Enhanced Scene title associated to each image in the Scenes Browser also indicates whether the Enhanced Scene was created with overload mode Partial or Full.