Accessing Instant Collaboration

Once you've accessed Instant Collaboration, the Instant Collaboration toolbar will appear in your session. This toolbar will also give you access to the Collaboration toolbar.

  1. In the menu bar, select Views -> Toolbars -> Instant Collaboration.
    The Instant Collaboration toolbar, which consists of the Instant Collaboration icon, appears.

  2. To visualize the Collaboration Toolbar, click the selection arrow.

  3. To detach the Collaboration Toolbar, click the selection arrow, then click the toolbar handle and drag.

The functionalities available via the Collaboration toolbars are as follows:



 Instant Messaging
 Snapshot Sharing
 Document Sharing
 Viewpoint Sharing
 Collaboration Settings
 Search for People
Note that all of the above functionalities can be accessed from the Community dialog box via contextual menus.