Adding Audio Markers

This task explains how to insert audio markers in an annotated document using the 2D Marker toolbar
You need a microphone connected to your computer.

Insert the following cgr files:


To annotate documents, you must be in an active view. Objects drawn are associated with the active view and will no longer be visible if the view is changed.

You can also add 2D annotations in active views in the Section viewer for example. Annotations are no longer visible if you change viewer.

  1. Click the Create an Annotated View from the DMU Review Creation toolbar.
    The 2D view is created and identified in the specification tree.

The DMU 2D Marker toolbar is activated. You can now annotate your view.

  1. Click the Create an Audio marker icon in the DMU 2D Marker toolbar.
    The Select audio file dialog is displayed.

  2. Select the location.

  1. Give a meaningful name to the to-be recorded file and click Open.
    The Audio attributes dialog box and Audio Recorder dialog boxes appear:

  1. Select the audio quality and click OK, e.g. select 22050Hz, 16-bit, Mono

  2. Start recording using the red button from the Audio Recorder dialog box.

  3. When done, click OK
    The sound is identified in the specification tree.

  4. Double-click sound in the specification tree to play your audio recording (using the play button) or to edit it.