About DMU Review


The objective of the DMU Review is to optimize the DMU Navigator solution in terms of industrial processes for the following tasks:
  • Design Review processes (preparation, presentation and conferencing)
  • Management Follow-up processes (design validation)

The DMU Review can be seen as folder in which applicative data can be organized any way you want (e.g. by process).

The DMU Review is linked to a product structure and only has meaning in the context of that product structure. It can contain:

  • a hierarchy of Reviews
  • applicative data at any level of the Review hierarchy


Applicative data that can be created in a DMU Review

  • 3D Annotation
  • Annotated View
  • Camera
  • Color Action
  • Distance
  • Environment (box, sphere, cylinder)
  • Experiment
  • Group
  • Hyperlink
  • Inertia
  • Interference
  • Light
  • Measure
  • Replay
  • Section
  • Sequence
  • Shooting
  • Shuttle
  • Simulation
  • Track
  • Visibility Action


The number DMU Reviews you can create is unlimited.

The user explicitly activates a DMU Review and all subsequent actions (create applicative data, create DMU Review) will be in the context of the activated Review.

If a DMU Review is activated, its applicative data as well as the applicative data of its parent DMU Reviews are displayed and can be accessed.

Applicative data can only reference applicative data contained in the same DMU Review or in an ancestor DMU Review. There is no restriction to the amount of applicative data that can be created in a DMU Review.

It is possible to copy/paste or cut/paste applicative data from the Applications node to a DMU Review and from a DMU Review to the applicative data containers under the Applications node.

It is also possible to copy/paste a DMU Review to another DMU Review. It will then appear as a child of the target DMU Review.

You cannot copy a review to the product node or to the application node, you can only copy it to another review. Likewise, you cannot copy a review to another product. For the functionality enabling you to import applicative data from one product to another, see Importing Applicative Data.


VBScript support

Scripts can be written using VBScript for DMU Review processes.