Copying and Pasting Tracks

atarget.gif (1372 bytes) This task illustrates the use of the copy/paste capability.  It can be very useful to apply the same track to another object which has the same dismounting path.
aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) Open the COPY_PASTE_TRACKS.CATProduct document. A track is already defined on the DEMO_CGE_CHAINSAW_BODY_TANK_RSIDE.1 object.
  1. In the specification tree or in the geometry area, select the track you wish to copy. In our example, select Track.1.

  2. Put the data you have selected in the clipboard. To do this, select Edit > Copy.

  3. Select Tracks item under Applications in the specification tree.

  4. Select Edit > Paste.

    This operation recovers the data previously put in the clipboard. 
    The track is pasted:
  5. Double-click the pasted track -- in our example:Track.1(Track.2) -- to modify the object selection.

    The Track dialog box along with the Recorder and Player pop-up toolbars are displayed.
  6. In the Track dialog box, click the Object field.

    The Track positioning dialog box appears:
    (For this example, keep the default option set.)
    ainfo.gif (980 bytes) For more detailed information, please refer to Using Track Editor and Recorder.
  7. Select  DEMO_CGE_CHAINSAW_BODY_TANK_LSIDE.1 object either in the specification tree or in the geometry area.

    This is what you obtain:
    The two tracks are linked together. For example, if you insert a new shot in the first track:
  8. Double-click Track.1(Track.1) in the specification tree.

  9. Select the Skip to end button in the Player and insert a shot (moving the 3D compass).

  10. When done, select Record .

    The shot is automatically added in the second track. The two tracks are synchronized.
  11. Select the OK button to confirm your operation.

The modified position is kept when exiting the track command (dismounted).
  If you need to restore the initial position, select Reset Position from the DMU Simulation toolbar.
Remember you can break the link between the two tracks using Break link.

You can access it via the track contextual menu.

Be careful because the result depends on the track selection order.