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Getting Started

Defining the Drawing Sheet

Part Drawing

Opening a Part

Creating a Front View

Creating a Projection View

Creating a Section View

Creating a Detail View

Creating a Section Cut

Assembly Drawing

Opening an Assembly

Creating a Frame and a Title Block

Creating Views via the Wizard

Creating a Section View

Overloading Element Properties

Generating Balloons and a Bill of Material

Creating an Isometric View and Changing its Properties

User Tasks

Drawing Management

Creating a New Drawing

Opening a Drawing

Editing Drawing Links

Updating Drawings Via the Batch Monitor

Updating Drawings using PLMBatchDrawingUpdate Via the Batch Monitor

Save As: Exporting a Drawing

Importing From Files


Defining a Sheet

Modifying a Sheet

Creating a Frame and a Title Block

Managing a Background View

View Creation

Before You Begin

About the View Generation Modes

Creating a Front View

Creating an Advanced Front View

Creating a Projection View

Creating an Unfolded View

Creating a View from 3D

Creating an Auxiliary View

Creating an Offset Section View / Cut

Creating a Section View / Cut (Planar Surface)

Creating an Aligned Section View / Cut

Creating a Section View / Cut with Profile Defined in 3D

Creating a Detail View / Detail View Profile

Creating a Quick Detail View / Quick Detail View Profile

Creating a Clipping View / Clipping View Profile

Creating a Quick Clipping View / Quick Clipping View Profile

Creating an Isometric View

Creating an Exploded View

Creating a Broken View

Creating a Breakout View

Adding a 3D Clipping

Creating Views via the Wizard

Canceling the Creation/Update of a Multi-View

View Update Reporting

View Modification

Before You Begin

Moving a View

Positioning a View

Positioning a View Independently of its Reference View

Locating Reference/Resulting Views

Isolating Generated Views

Restoring Overloaded Properties/Deleted Elements

Locking a View

Scaling a View

Renaming a View

Modifying a View Projection Plane

Propagating View Modifications

Generating a Bill of Material

Generating Balloons on a View

Showing Geometry in Views

Modifying a Callout Geometry

Overloading Element Properties

Modifying a Pattern

Duplicating Generative Geometry

Modifying a View's Links

Applying a View's Links to Another View

Generative View Styles

Creating a View using Generative View Styles

Switching a View to Another Generative View Style

Applying the Generative Style of a View to Another View

Applying a Generative View Style to a View

Small Scale

Setting Small Scale in CATIA V5 Session

Small Scale in Drafting and 2D Layout

Dimension Generation

Before You Begin

Generating Dimensions in One Shot

Filtering Dimension Generation

Generating Dimensions Semi-Automatically

Analyzing Generated Dimensions

Positioning Dimensions (View per View)

Analyzing Interfering Dimensions

Driving 3D Constraints via Generated Dimensions

Dimension Manipulation

Before You Begin

Creating Dimensions

Creating Half-Dimensions

Creating Explicit Dimensions

Creating/Modifying Angle Dimensions

Creating Fillet Radius Dimensions

Creating Chamfer Dimensions

Creating Thread Dimensions

Creating/Modifying Coordinate Dimensions

Creating a Hole Dimension Table

Creating a Points Coordinates Table

Creating/Modifying Radius Curvature Dimensions

Creating Overall Curve Dimensions

Creating Curvilinear Length Dimensions

Creating Partial Curvilinear Length Dimensions

Creating Dimensions along a Reference Direction

Creating Dimensions between Intersection Points

Creating Dimensions between an Element and a View Axis

Creating a Minimum Distance Dimension

Clipping Dimensions

Modifying the Dimension Type

Re-routing Dimensions

Interrupting Extension Lines

Modifying the Dimension Value Text Position

Modifying the Dimension Line Location

Specifying the Dimension Value Position

Adding Text Before/After the Dimension Value

Modifying the Dimensions Overrun/Blanking

Lining up Dimensions (Free Space)

Lining up Dimensions (Reference)

Creating a Datum Feature

Modifying a Datum Feature

Creating a Geometrical Tolerance

Modifying Geometrical Tolerances

Copying Geometrical Tolerances

Creating Driving Dimensions

Scaling a Dimension

Dimension Systems

Before You Begin

Creating Chained Dimension Systems

Creating Cumulated Dimension Systems

Creating Stacked Dimension Systems

Modifying a Dimension System

Lining Up Dimension Systems

Technological Feature Dimensions

Before You Begin

Creating Inter-Technological Feature Dimensions

Creating Intra-Technological Feature Dimensions


Before You Begin

Creating a Free Text

Creating an Associated Text

Making an Existing Annotation Associative

Creating a Text With a Leader

Blanking Annotations

Adding a Leader to an Existing Annotation

Handling Annotation Leaders

Adding Frames or Sub-Frames

Replicating Text and Attribute

Copying Graphic Properties

Creating a Datum Target

Modifying a Datum Target

Creating a Balloon

Creating Associative Balloons on Generated Product Views

Modifying a Balloon

Creating a Roughness Symbol

Creating a Geometry Weld

Creating a Welding Symbol

Modifying Annotation Positioning

Creating/Modifying a Table

Finding and Replacing Text

Performing an Advanced Search

Querying Annotation Links

Adding Attribute Links to Text

Dress-Up Elements

Creating Center Lines (No Reference)

Creating Center Lines (Reference)

Modifying Center Lines or Axis Lines

Creating Threads (No Reference)

Creating Threads (Reference)

Creating Axis Lines

Creating Axis Lines and Center Lines

Creating an Area Fill

Creating Arrows


Editing Sheet Properties

Editing View Properties

Editing 2D Geometry Feature Properties

Editing 2D Element Graphic Properties

Editing Pattern Properties

Editing Annotation Font Properties

Editing Text Properties

Editing Picture Properties

Editing Dimension Texts Properties

Editing Dimension Font Properties

Editing Dimension Value Properties

Editing Dimension Tolerance Properties

Editing Dimension Extension Line Properties

Editing Dimension Line Properties

Editing Dimension System Properties

Editing 2D Component Instance Properties

Editing Callout Properties


Inserting Images (Raster or Vector)

Editing Raster Images


Printing a Sheet

Printing using a Clipping Operator

Creating and Modifying Views from a .Model

Drafting Interoperability

Working with ENOVIA LCA

Managing CATDrawing Documents in ENOVIA LCA

Optimal CATIA PLM Usability for Drafting

Working with ENOVIA VPM

Managing CATDrawing Documents in ENOVIA VPM

Optimal CATIA PLM Usability for Drafting

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Annotation and Dress-Up


Customizing Toolbars

Administration Tasks

What You Need to Know About Generative View Styles

Administering Generative View Styles and Standards

Before You Begin Setting Generative View Style Parameters

Setting General Generative View Style Parameters

Generate Parameters

View Dress-up parameters

Setting Workbench-Specific Generative View Style Parameters

Automotive BiW Fastening Generative Parameters

Composites Design Parameters

Electrical Harness Flattening Parameters

Generative Shape Design Parameters

SheetMetal Parameters

Equipment and Systems Parameters