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In this chapter we will describe the various menus, submenus and items specific to the Generative Drafting workbench.


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Save as  Exporting a CATDraxing format
Page Setup... Defining the Drafting Sheet
Print... Printing a Sheet
Printer Setup... Printing a Sheet


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Links Editing Drawing Links
Positioning a View Independently of its Reference View
Properties Access and edit information on 2D geometry, dress-up elements, annotations and dimensions in a single dialog box
Background Creating a Frame Title Block


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Views Creating  Views
Drawing Creating Sheets
Dimensioning Creating Dimensions
Generation Generating Dimensions
Annotations Annotations
Dress Up Dress-Up Elements
New sheet Define a Drafting Sheet
New Detail Sheet Create a 2D component
New View Create views
Instantiate 2D Component Re-use a 2D component
Dimensions Create dimensions
Chained Dimensions Create chained dimension systems
Cumulated Dimensions Create cumulated dimension systems
Stacked Dimensions Create stacked dimension systems
Length/Distance Dimensions Create explicit dimensions
Angle Dimensions Create explicit dimensions
Radius Dimensions Create explicit dimensions
Diameter Dimensions Create explicit dimensions
Chamfer Dimensions Create chamfer dimensions
Thread Dimension Creating Associative Thread Dimensions
Coordinate Dimensions Create coordinate dimensions
Hole Dimension Table Creating a Hole Dimension Table
Coordinate Dimension Table Creating a Points Coordinates Table
Technological Feature Dimensions Before you Begin
Re-route Dimension Re-routing Dimensions
Create Interruption Interrupt one or more extension lines
Remove Interruption Interrupt one or more extension lines
Datum Feature Create a datum feature
Geometrical Tolerance


Create a geometrical tolerance


Generate Dimensions Generate dimensions in one shot
Generate Dimensions Step by Step Generate dimensions semi-automatically
Balloon generation Generating Associative Balloons
Bill of Material


Generating a Bill of Material


Text Create a free text
Text with Leader Create a text with a leader
Text Replicate Replicate a text attribute
Balloon Create a balloon
Datum Target


Create a datum target


Text Template Placement Annotating Drawings Using Text Templates
Roughness Symbol Create a roughness symbol
Welding Symbol Create a welding symbol


Create a geometry weld


Table Creating/Modifying a Table
Table From CSV Creating/Modifying a Table
Add Leader Adding a Leader to an Existing Annotation
Center Line Create center lines (no reference)
Center Line with Reference Create center lines (reference)
Thread Create threads (no reference)
Thread with Reference Create threads (reference)
Axis Line Create axis lines
Axis line and Center line Create axis lines and center lines



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Positioning Further down
Analyze Further down
Multi View (2.5 D) Further down
Dimension generation Further Down
Import a generative view style Before you begin
Reset All Defaults Before You Begin
Import From File... Importing From Files


Element Positioning Modifying annotation positioning
Line-up Line up dimensions (free space)
Line up dimensions (reference)
Align into System Aligning a Dimension System
Dimension Positioning Position dimensions


Show Geometry in All Viewpoints Showing Geometry in Views
Dimensions Analysis Analyzing Interfering Dimensions


Multiple View Projection Creating a Multiple View Projection
View Plane Definition Defining the View Plane


Filters Filtering Dimension Generation
Analysis Analyzing Generated Dimensions