Creating Intra-Technological Feature Dimensions 

This task will show you how to create dimensions for technological features such as electrical harness.
You need an Electrical Harness Assembly license for the purpose of this scenario as we will be dimensioning Electrical Harness Assembly features. Intra-technological feature dimensioning is also available for other applications such as Structure Functional Design or Ship Structure Detail Design. For more information on the availability of technological feature dimensioning for a given workbench, refer to the related documentation.
Refer to Before you Begin for general information about technological feature dimensions.
Open the ElectricalAssembly.CATProduct document and make sure it is loaded in the Electrical Harness Assembly workbench (if necessary, select Start > Equipment & Systems > Electrical Harness Assembly to launch the workbench). Open the ElectricalAssembly.CATDrawing document.
  1. Click Multiple Intra Technological Feature Dimensions in the Dimensioning toolbar (Technological Feature Dimensions sub-toolbar).

    You can also click Technological Feature Dimensions and then activate Multiple Intra Technological Feature Dimensions   in the Tools Palette.

  2. Select the feature that you want to dimension. Note that the name of a feature is displayed as a help as you move the cursor over it.

    The dimension is created as specified by the feature. In this specific example, the bundle segment specifies that the dimension should provide its overall length.

    The dimension creation command remains active.

  3. Repeat step 2 for each additional feature that you want to dimension.

  4. End the dimension creation by clicking anywhere in the drawing (but not on a technological feature) or by lining-up the dimension. The intra-feature dimensions are created as specified by the feature.

    You can now handle the dimension(s) just like any other dimension.